1. E-Portfolio Getting Started – The big picture Week 1-3

For this week, we need to review the following links and reflect upon the content:

E-portfolio – Post

For many years, I had this misconception about E-portfolios in the classroom. The misconception was grounded on they way I was taught. We would place all of the work in a folder by the date I had designed them. The teacher would review them and write a check mark on each one of them. It was when I started teaching that I came to realize that the missing piece was the feedback I received in a form of check mark. After the reading the documents linked above, I learned that an “e-portfolio” is a purposeful aggregation of digital items, ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback, etc,. Another definition provided by the University of Waterloo explains that “An academic ePortfolio is a digital collection created by a student of their course-related work, like essays, posters, photographs, videos, and artwork.” But it cannot stay just there. Feedback should be provided as a way for the student to grow!

When I started teaching High School, I realized the importance of supporting students in the development of e-portfolios. There are many educational institutions that are now requiring evidence of student work. Having a place to showcase the growth of each student will allow others to see the skills they have developed over the years. As a student myself, I find that having my own e-portfolio will provide me with the opportunity to reflect upon my teaching experiences. My hope is that by actively expressing, communicating, reflecting upon my own practice, I can get to network with other people that have similar ideas so that I can learn from them. Growth is one of the main reasons I want to dig deeper into this exciting experience of developing my own and first e-portfolio. 

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