2. E-portfolio Groups – Week 2-5

For this week, I watched the video by Margaret Heffernan: Why it’s time to forget the pecking order at work. The video shows the importance of working cooperatively by making small groups and providing support to each other. As a teacher, I know that all groups are not the same. However, I know that for the members of the group to be successful, certain characteristics or conditions need to be met. Similar to what Dr. Heffernan mentioned in the video. For example, when team members show empathy, trust starts to develop and a certain degree of vulnerability. This builds psychological safety, which will directly impact productivity in a team. Another condition for a group to be successful is to give equal time to each other. This is something I have experienced as a teacher. Some people tend to dominate the conversation or decisions that need to be made and I have been guilty of not expressing my own thoughts to others. By not speaking up, I might have given the wrong impression to others: “I don’t care / I am okay with any decision.” I now know that what I have to say or share with others might positively impact students’ lives. Dr. Heffernan also states that social connectedness is key to the success of the team/group. Helping / supporting each other drives the group to develop trust leading to work effective and collaboratively. One of my goals this year is to bring students together in small groups for them to support each other while they challenge their thinking. 

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