4. Taking Ownership of y0ur learning and e-portfolio (weeks 3-6) Who Owns the Portfolio?

After reading all the articles shared by Dr. H.  I believe that the owner of the e-portfolio is the person or people who dare to click on the link and read about my journey as a learner. Such users are the ones taking advantage of the information or content I get to publish. Each reader, with his/her own background, will give my journey a different interpretation based on the lens they have on when reading it. All I want to do is to take ownership of my learning and share it with the world. I control the content I share, how much detail I give, the tone I use when describing my experiences and the impact such experiences have/had on me as a learner. The role of the reader is to take what they want – as little or as much- so that they can relate, agree, or disagree with what I have to share. When creating my posts, I really want others to share their thinking with me. By doing that, they can push my thinking and make me reflect upon how others perceive my experiences. I do have to say that before being a teacher, I am a learner. That person who dares to search and collect the content they are  the true owner of the e-portfolio. The builder lives up to its objective, which is to share information created for the use of users.

From my students’ perspective, the user is each one of them. I have never asked my students to create an e-portfolio, but I have worked at a school where students used their e-portfolio year after year to showcase their accomplishments during student-led conferences. This provided the opportunity for them to be at the driver’s seat. Parents will gather with their child and listen to them for about 30 minutes explaining what they had learned in each class and how that learning applied to their goals. It is an amazing initiative the school had. This type of work needs to be done as a whole campus for it to be successful. What was the impact on students’ journeys? They kept the portfolio and added it to their college applications. It was more about the process they had had over the years as learners!  

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