17. What is your why?

John Kotter, the author of A Sense of Urgency, identifies the need for leaders to create a sense of urgency by getting people to actually see and feel the need for change. He suggests that without urgency any change effort is doomed. I believe that the pandemic created by itself a sense of urgency. It obliged the education community, and stakeholders to react and act accordingly to the circumstances to promote education to learners in any way that could be approached. 

As an educator, I believe it is my responsibility to teach my students the skills they will need in the future. I truly believe that 20 years from now most of the students around the world will not need to physically be at a campus in order to get a degree. This is exactly why in my innovation plan I propose that students need to be exposed to a full integration of face to face and online learning now. The pre-Covid 19 era exhibited a pursuit of technology integration in the classroom. Most teachers were willing to integrate some technology but resources were not enough in each classroom. COVID-19 forced the educational system to make adjustments and changes to instructional strategies and technologies used in the classroom including the way instruction was delivered. As an educator who is passionate about teaching and learning, I need to take advantage of the new instructional models, educational platforms, and digital tools that are now available to my students. The use of such digital tools will allow my students to access the content they need in the environment that is most suitable to them. The post pandemic or the transition that the society is facing is giving us the sense of urgency again to combine what the pandemic left behind and the new educational challenges. I still remember how difficult it was to have one computer per student available in my classroom before the pandemic. But things drastically changed and somehow every student has a device as a primary tool now. By using all of the new tools and approaches, that is howI can create the sense of urgency to establish the blended learning in my institution. I believe that all the elements are in place to promote the blended learning models that fit students needs. 

Leading with heart will allow me to explain what I believe in and how it may positively impact student learning. It is my duty as a passionate educator about learning to inspire others and promote change that will help create a learning environment where students are at the driver’s seat. 


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