21. Contributions to my learning & my learning community

This course has provided strategies for me to dig deep into my innovation plan and be strategic at planning its implementation. For the Leading Organization Change class, I rate myself 90/100. The weekly discussions worked for me as it gave me an opportunity to discuss my thinking and hear other perspectives.

I truly believe that the school and the stakeholders are key players in promoting educational success. But the complexity of the socio-educational processes and the current scope of school failure highlight the need to promote the interaction and initiatives of other educational agents in the school environment. These agents can contribute to school and relevant educational actions, adding value to other professionals and volunteers from the local community. In my context, the school has been working hard on creating committees in which teachers share their perspectives and build strong processes so that everyone is on the same page. Last year, teachers met to discuss different ways in which the remote learning environment could be implemented at school. The discussion was long but worth it. Each person had a different perspective on this matter and it felt good to have a streamline view of what was expected of teachers and from students.

But, what is NOT working? This year has brought lots of whirlwinds: changes in administration, new systems, new initiatives, impact on student learning due to COVID amongst others are huge stressors in my context. Yes, change is challenging but I cannot forget about my focus and end goal.

During this course, I was able to collaborate with the following colleagues at school:

Mr. Mejia – Spanish (LOTE)

Miss White – Science Team Leader

Miss Makil – ESL Team Leader

Mr. Thomas – Math Team Leader

My new partner, Mr. Mejia, had a completely different experience in his classroom from mine.  The discussion we had centered on how teachers influence teachers. This was the perfect segway to share with them my post on Influencing Change. One of my roles as an educator is  to inspire and support change so that the school can move from where it is to where it needs to be to ensure the best outcomes for all its students. Change is always challenging but when necessary change takes place, it responds to the needs of students leading to changed practice and improved student outcomes. How am I inspiring others? I usually share new tools I use and strategies that engage my students in learning Spanish. I had a chance to share the goal of my Innovation Plan. My new partner shared the experience he had at his previous school. In our second conversation, I shared the 4DX framework. We came to the conclusion that most of the time teachers have little input into the planning and even implementation stages of initiatives. This allowed me to think about how to approach crucial conversations at school. I have been one of those who try to avoid conversations that are challenging in nature. Learning how to address conversations through which I share my passion for blended learning helps me to grow as a professional. I am not saying that after reading about Crucial Conversations and putting a plan in place I am an expert. What I am really saying is that I am willing to take the risk to be more open to face crucial conversations that will lead to organizational change.

Every course has provided me the opportunity to push myself and share what I have learned with others. I tend to work in isolation but such a fixed mindset has shifted this year. Collaboration needs to be at the center of everything I do at school because it allows me to learn from others and become a better educator. All the contributions to the course were made (assignments, posts, collaborative team) in a timely manner. The videos and readings allowed me to reflect upon my own practice and motivated me to continue shifting towards a growth mindset.

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