32. Publication Rough Draft

Peer Assessment – The rough draft linked below was assessed by my core peer group. They used the following guidelines and provided the points listed below:

  1. PURPOSE AND AUDIENCE: 10 points
    • The written text effectively expresses the writer’s purpose and effectively addresses audience concerns.
    • The written text demonstrates a logical arrangement of paragraphs, logical use of transitions between paragraphs, and a logical organization of ideas within paragraphs. The organizational logic enhances a reader’s understanding of the text’s ideas
  3. DEVELOPMENT: 8 points
    •  The written text effectively employs reasons and evidence—i.e., all reasons support the text’s purpose, and specific evidence supports all reasons.
    • The writer’s voice in the text demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the content and a personal engagement with the content (via the writer’s ideas, values, beliefs, and experiences). Readers perceive this textual voice as trustworthy.
    • The written text contains few or no errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure. Style is effective. Documentation is thorough and effective. The article follows all of the publication guidelines.

Total points: 45

The feedforward provided by my colleagues – Jennifer Lynn Marlor, Angie Ariza, and Christine Glenn – allowed me to work on gaps and expand my ideas when necessary. I know I get all into the topic of blended learning and I sometimes forget that others – in this case, my audience – might need additional details to understand where I am at in the process and where I am going to accomplish my goal.

Where do you plan to submit it? I am planning on submitting my article to:
a. Edutopia
b. We Are Teachers
c. ACTFL Language Connects

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