33. Media Project

Sharing what I do in my classroom is new to me. It was only until I started the ADL program that I found it important to create a space like my e-portfolio to share my ideas with others. It was not an easy process though because I truly believe that whatever is out there for the public has to be meaningful and relevant to the intended audience. When I started the ADL program, I created an innovation plan based on the needs of my students. The problem I found was that my students were not engaged during my classes, which was a problem also shared by other teachers in my learning context. I dug deeper into the content and found an extensive number of researchers who had discussed the benefits of blended learning, which was my viable solution to the problem I had identified. The literature review allowed me to select a specific blended learning model I wanted to implement in my classroom: Station-Rotation.

Creating a significant learning environment was of utmost importance. I was able to identify fixed mindsets and prepare to overcome those obstacles before and during the implementation of the station-rotation approach.

It is now time to make my innovation plan known. I feel it is my duty to contribute to the field and support other educators. I took knowledge from lots of educators and it is my time to give back by sharing what I have implemented in my classroom. I created a media pitch project and wrote an article that was reviewed by three educators. Their feedforward was key in refining the writing piece before I submit it to We Are Teachers or Edutopia in August 2022.

Media Pitch Project

Sharing my ideas in the digital community Publication Article

After the feedforward provided by my peers and the revision and editing process, I can say that I am ready to submit my article to Edutopia and/or We are Teachers. The article will be submitted in August with the main goal to share my ideas with other educators.

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