Luis F. Herrera

Spanish Teacher

My name is Luis Herrera and I am a Spanish innovative teacher at Harmony Public School. I am currently teaching grades of 6-12th, in addition to coaching the middle school girls soccer team. I am originally from Bogota, Colombia, and currently living in a small town in Texas called Heath. I strive to become an educated leader to support others when learning a second or foreign language. I love teaching my student, being innovative on how I teach them, and what the different methods I use to teach them. On the flip-side of my life, there is my beloved family, in which we enjoy greatly spending time together. As well as my hobbies, sitting on the couch with my family watching soccer or Netflix, will continuously make my days the greatest. Over the course of a few years, there have been a variety of goals I have achieved. Foremost, of one being a teacher. It brings me joy to see kids wanting and using what they have learned to communicate with others in a different language. In addition, after many obstacles in my life I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy about 6 years ago. I taught English back in Colombia, and had the amazing opportunity to be a substitute teacher in Shanghai, China. Now in the United States I am really happy teaching Spanish at Harmony Public Schools.