Main Interests

Video Editing Club: My students really enjoy creating content for the different activities that I plan for them. One of my main interests is learning some of the tech tools that are effective for my students to continue creating content so that they are the driver’s seat of their own learning.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A person’s endurance is guided by the mind, which can help others discover what they love and succeed in. In the educational system, they love to introduce a mountain of activities, either offered before or after in which the time schedules are an option to help those parents who can not make one of them. These clubs/activities are a helpful guide to find what kids want to do throughout their lives, as well as finding ways to improve their students physical and emotional health. The goal of the club I designed is for students to be engaged and pursue their passions!

    I am a Spanish teacher attending Harmony Public School of Excellence. By my first year at this school, I was asked to participate by a colleague of mine to the “Hispanic Club”. A very educational club that introduces others to the aspects of Hispanic Culture. It included many activities and knowledge, for example, dancing, cooking, facts, crafts, and more. As the second year began at Harmony, the principal of the school recommended that I try a new club to engage, presenting me to the Girls Middle School Soccer Team. I am passionate about soccer, as well as teaching others how to play it, which was something I had already done. I had an amazing experience training the Boys team at the Middle and High School level in Shanghai, China. Having that experience allowed me to give my principal an immediate “YES”! This year, due to Covid-19, I did not have the opportunity to train the soccer teams. Nevertheless, I came up with a solution and began a new club, called “The Minecraft Club”. It included a broad amount of students with creativity, it was amazing. Unfortunately, I did not anticipate that in need to endorse all kids in one system, there had to be a payment to configure all of it, which led to a failure.  After learning multiple things through my experience of conducting clubs, and a considerable time of great thinking, I came up with the idea of a video editing club! At  first we started searching for good websites to work life, “Loom, Screencastify, Edpuzzle, Adobe Spark, etc” We finally came to the decision to start with Adobe Spark, and begin a mission to learn how to make videos for fun but as well as caring to educate ourselves through the process. Down below, you will see how great my students will grow and understand the concept of the club!

First student sample creating a video using Adobe Spark.