16. Contributions to your learning and your learning community – 5389

A foundational goal of the 5389 Developing Effective Professional Learning is to analyze why examining my thinking and collaborating with others will help me in my learning process. Throughout the course, I was able to analyze and assess some of the challenges that I have had when participating in PD sessions. I became a teacher not so long ago so I have had more experience receiving Professional Development than designing and implementing it. That was my main challenge throughout the course. Unfortunately, I had a fixed mindset after looking at the assignments for the class.

During this course, I met with with a group of amazing teammates (Dwayne, Bianca, Jarred, and myself), who were always willing to be my thinking partner even at the times we hadn’t scheduled one of our regular meetings. During one of the meetings, I asked them what they thought about the PD sessions their school had for all staff las year. The conversation was not short at all. We talked for about 30-40 minutes on how the PD that has been provided was not meaningful to any of them. That was what I needed to hear. This course was giving me an opportunity to create a plan – a CALL TO ACTION – that could make a difference in my context. However, it is easier said than done! After reflecting upon my learning and the conversation I had with my colleagues, I found purpose in what the goals of the course were. During a second meeting, I had the opportunity to share the Innovation Plan I designed in order to implement blended learning as a way to engage learners in the classroom. The conversation started with all the challenges each one of us had faced due to the lack of resources and even PD each teacher had regarding integrating technology to enhance learning. I proceeded to show them some of the highlights from the Professional Learning plan I had designed for the blended learning course. They had lots of questions that helped me shaped the plan and streamlined it. I consider myself a big thinker so it takes me more time to think about the details. However, I was able to use BHAG and UbD as frameworks to organize the big ideas and make them more detail-oriented. Before this course I did not have any idea frameworks to design Professional Learning. Therefore, I have gone through a huge learning process that has allowed me to grow as a professional and have a growth mindset. Therefore, I believe that I have earned a 92 in this class. I want to continue collaborating with other teachers at school and expand such a learning community to other schools within my same school district.


Resources – Blogs from my colleagues:

Bianca – https://tangiblelearner.com

Wayne – https://wil32.com

Jarrett https://sirjlinzosclassroom.com/

Luis – https://luisfherrera.com/home/

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